The great philosopher Socrates was once quoted as saying, "I know only that I know nothing." This was the same man who was regarded as being the smartest of the Ancient Greeks, and the creator of modern philosophy. In an age where anyone can search anything on the internet, information is literally at our beck and call, ready to be accessed with just a simple click.

The internet can be, as stated previously, described as a fountain of information. However, it is often difficult to discern between the facts and the hyperbole. Thus, we have, for example, politicians increasing the divide in the country and continuously promoting false information. Conspiracy theorists promote backward theories that people believe. However, the craziest thing is that the people who believe them often swear by them, even if the theories are proven false.

In an age where the world is at its most divided, there are not many people who are willing to wade through the gobbledygook and the muck to present the facts and help create informed decisions that can help stem positive change.

Enter Armon Owlia.

Armon Owlia is a writer, producer, podcaster, and creator of "The Shadow Gallery Seminars." If you want to gain a trunkload of information that you did not know about, you came to the right place. Owlia has had previous podcasting experience, with work on "Owlia's Opinions" and "Last Call," both of which he solely wrote and researched.

In 2020, after Owlia concluded his duties on both podcasts, he realized, through numerous world events, both past and present, something important: many people whom he thought would be aware of the issues, in reality, were not. Despite his massive retention of information, he realized that he also needed to know more. For, as Socrates had said, the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing. Well, that and one other thing: the only way to learn is to read, research, and talk with the experts. He figured that if he's going to do it, he should put it out so that others could learn.

Every month, Armon Owlia brings a guest who is an expert in a particular subject. Together, through research and answering the audience's questions, a course of action and an action plan can emerge. The goal of this podcast is simple: teach and create as much positive change as possible.


Welcome to "Shadow Gallery Seminars," the podcast dedicated to loving our world, learning how to improve it, and launching debates on how we can sustain it and create positive change for future generations. If you genuinely want to learn and change the world and want to find an action plan on how to do it, you've come to the right place. If you're going to believe you know everything and end up making the situation worse without proper study or education, then, well, find another platform.